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    Aaron Bobrow

    1. Atlas

    2. The Massive Canal was Completed Under Budget

    3. Broken Radius

    4. Dharma Bum

    5. Under the Bridge (Peter)

    6. Green Peace

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    Nicola Samori - More from the series Intus: Crisis of Crystals (2014)

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    Script Stidies
    by Christopher Craig

    the only one that’s not doing it for me is baseline.

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    Sparkling Bubbles Installation by Emmanuelle Moureaux

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    Hippopart: Artworks made with Stuffed Animals by Russian by Rostan Tavasiev

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    These fantastical paintings are the work of Brazilian artist Rafael Silveira. His ornate frames are as unusual and beguiling as the surreal paintings within them. His work is heavily influenced by the comics and cartoons he’s loved since he was little. We love how he describes it himself:

    “I like to create my own symbolism, using unusual stuff as a metaphors,” said Silveira. “I believe that the universe talks with us using secret, unexpected signs.”

    Silveira will be showing his latest paintings in a solo exhibition entitled Unforeseeable, which opens at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York on June 28th and runs through July 26, 2014

    Head over to Hi-Fructose to check out more beautifully bizarre paintings by Rafael Silveira.

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Ulyana Sergeenko in Louis Vuitton


    Ulyana Sergeenko in Louis Vuitton

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    Alexander Harding - Visible Light, 2010

    Click on each image for time details.

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    SPOTLIGHT: Photographer Has Creative Rebirth After Losing One Eye

    Since October of last year, the prolific Japanese erotic photographer, Nobuyoshi Araki, has been largely unable to see out of his right eye due to a retinal artery obstruction.

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